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Our beef hamper consists of: T-Bone 1kg, Club steak 1kg, Rump steak 1kg, tenderised steak 1kg, Goulash 1kg, Mince 2kg, Boere wors 2kg, Rib 1kg, Shin 1kg.

Our biltong meat is neatly cut and ready for the spices and then hang it to dry.

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Product Description

We no longer offer Beef for sale online. Please order directly from Torveveld by clicking on the button below.

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Hamper 11kg, Fillet Steak, Rump Steak 1kg vacuum packed, T-Bone 1kg vacuum packed, Chin 1kg packaging, Ribs 500g packaging, Ghoulash 500g packaging, Mince 500g packaging, Braai wors 500g packaging, Biltong meat 5kg packaging, Club Steak 1kg, Tenderized Steak 1kg, Goulash 500g, Short rib 500g, Shin 500g, Beef marrow bones 1kg, Beef bones for broth 1kg, Picked beef tongue 1.8kg, Oxtail 1kg